Superior Soldering Tripod

Superior Soldering Tripods
Wire Screen Has Sharpe Edges
Handle With Caution!

Assembly Instructions
1. Lay screen on flat surface in front of you
2. Slide leg and bracket assembly onto edge of screen with screen trapped between bracket and leg against edge.
3. Tighten leg while wiggling it.
4. Once tightened slide small steel dowel into hole in leg and turn clockwise till snug, approximately 1/4 to 1/2 turn
5. Continue this process with other legs.
6. Flip entire assembly over then adjust as necessary by tweaking and bending screen until level
7. Assembly video available at:
Bracket placement for wide stance.
Each bracket is perpendicular to the edge
it is attached to
Superior Soldering Tripods
Bracket placement.
Bracket side is perpendicular to the
side it is attached to,
Suggested placement of components
for soldering

Link to Video of Assembly

Wider Stance Harder to tip over
or hit with torch

Tipping Point is Radical Good
compared to others

 Gallery wire on 18 gauge 4" x3" plate

Cantilever placement for minimal
heat loss to screen
Superior Soldering Tripods